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Fluid Heating System
Fluid Heating System
Kowa Fluid Heating System

* Feature

* Principle

* Specification

Fluid Heating System
Fluid Heating System

* It is temperature rise to 1,000 °C with heating element in clean with a quartz tube fast!

* High efficiency, energy saving working.

* At start up 5 minutes

  • Liquid(H2O): 1L/min. +40°C continuous supply.
  • Gas(Air):     20L/min.  400°C continuous supply.

* Liquid(H2O): 60cc/min. continuous vaporization supply.



* It uses as a heating supply of the liquid and gas, and a liquid vaporization supply usage.

* The heating container is a double tube made of quartz
(indirect heating).

* The fluid and the heating element are noncontact
(indirect heating through quartz).

* The heating element can be used in the atmosphere
(Max. 1,000 [°C]).



(1) The fluid supplied continuously from the lower left figure flows through the double tube outside.

(2) It heats heating element of the double tube inside.

(3) The heated fluid is exhausted from the upper part vent by the heat conduction through the quartz tube and heat radiation from heating element.

* In the case of liquid vaporization, a surface boils in the vicinity of the heating element center, and it is exhausted in the state that was completely vaporized by the vent.


Power unit Outside dimension 450x400x360H
Electricity 3AC200V, 6kVA
Weight Around 15kg
Heating unit * Outside dimension 200x350x200H
* It may change it to specifications of the heating.

We design the equipment in accord with the customer's needs each time.
Please contact us!


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