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Thickness Tool
Thickness, Density & Composition Measurement System

* Equipment summary

* Equipment feature

* Equipment function

* Equipment specification

K-MSX is a general-purpose type device series.

Equipment to have aimed at use by research and development at time such as condition putting out in Pilot Line.

Measurement by X-ray

* XRR(X-ray reflection) is able to measure an absolute value without the effect of the density, composition, electrical conductivity, permittivity and absorptivity of light and crystal construction.

* XRF(X-ray fluorescence) is able to measure an element from Al to U at a time.

Measurement sample

* Sample stage is manual loading structure. It does not depend on the sample shape.
It supports to 300mm wafer, 200mm x 200mm rigid or flexible sample.

* It is able to support various sample, resin material, film, and indeterminate form sample.

Superior cost performance

* It is set to optimum price for new installation or replacement of equipment.

* Initial cost is low because minimum X-ray unit is installed.

* It is able to add X-ray unit after delivery of the equipment.

X-ray reflection unit (XRR)

* It is able to select 3 X-ray units max.

* An absolute value measurement of thickness and density, for metallic film, transparent film, etc.

* A measurement of thickness and density for multilayer film.

* Non-destructive and non-contact measurement.

X-ray fluorescence unit (XRF)

* A measurement of thickness for metallic film in a short time.

* A measurement of composition ratio for chemical compound.

* It is able to measure of thickness and composition at a time.

Grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence unit (GIXRF)

* It isolates a film stack and measures to thickness and composition.

* A precision measurement for super-thin film.

* It is able to measure of thickness and composition at a time.


* If it installed option camera, it is able to measure precision of small sample.


* Analytical software for Windows is installed as standard.
It has various function, statistical processing of average value and coefficient of variance from database,
and reporting results automatically.

Item Specification
X-ray tube Packaged X-ray tube (Cooling: water)
Spot size 1~20mm
Detector Semiconductor Detector (Non Liquid Nitorogen)
Sample stage ~300mm, ~200mm square, Auto mapping
Sample thickness ~10mm
Sample height adjust Laser adjustment
Sample alignment Camera (Option), Selecting position
Control & analysis software Development software
Special analysis software (Option) XRR theorical parameter fitting software, FP software
Equipment size 1.1m²
Electricity AC200V,  20A
Cooling water 0.25~0.35MPa,  5L/min
Vacuum -65kPa,  20NL/min
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