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LCD Equipment
LCD Equipment
Kowa design and produce for a hot plate and a baking equipment for large size liquid crystal for the 8th generation.

* Feature


It is a baking equipment for the liquid crystal manufacturing corresponding to large size liquid crystal glass substrate (2500 x 2200) of the 8th generation.

It excelled in the temperature uniformity of the glass substrate heating, and lightness, the thin type, and the enery saving were achived so far.

* Energy saving, lightness, and thin type hot plate for large size liquid crystal.

* The temperature uniformity of the glass substrate heating improves moreover!

Glass substrate heating [°C] Temperature range [°C]
   60 ~ 80 R<1.2
  80.1~100 R<1.5
100.1~130 R<2.0
130.1~150 R<2.5
150.1~180 R<3.0

* A large size hot plate is made efficient by polytomy zone control.

* Please refer to the page of "Hot plate" for details of the hot plate used.

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