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* This heater is made from not metal but ceramic.
It is possible to use it unquestionably even in the environment that dislike metal ion.

* It is best when the purified water etc. are produced.

* This heater is manufactured by filling coiled heating wire and high grade magnesia inside of metallic pipe.
It is integrated with magnesia by compressing the pipe, and the electrode is taken out of the both ends.

* It is excellent in the vibration and shock, and is long-lived.

* It is possible to process it according to the specification.

Sheath heater

* This heater is manufactured by dense filling heating element and insulator inside of narrow metallic pipe.

* Necessary shape can be made by freely bending a metallic pipe, and they can stick to heated thing.

* This heater is cast in brass, iron, and aluminum, etc. and machines it to necessary shape.

* It can produce form of ring or plate shaped articles in various ways.

Casting heater

* This heater can irradiate far (near) infrared rays in a free course with light reflectors in the same way as light.
Rapid heating (second bit) is possible, because it warms the heating thing directly without warming the air.

* This heater can be along the thing to be heated because it is tucked between soft silicone rubbers.

* It is used to warm the thing with low temperature comparatively.

Silicone rubber heater

* This heater is used for nozzle such as the injection molding machines.

* Our company design and produce necessary shape including the things with a casting heater type and a sheath heater as a band type etc.

Nozzle heater

* This heater molds a lamina of the iron chrome or SUS by the etching, and places both sides with a lamina of the mica.

* The feature is that it is possible to process to free shape in the thin type, and uniform temperature distribution is provided.

* For example, temperatures difference in 12 inches in diameter is made a control within 0.2 °C in the hot plate of semiconductor equipment when the surface temperature is 110 °C.

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