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Kowa continue a new challenge based on the accumulation of knowledge and the technologies!

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Kowa Thermo Technologies & Products is the company specialized for various heaters, hot plates, cool plates, film thickness measurement tool, thermocouples, plasma treatment tool, and various tools manufacturing for OEM.

Osaka HQ
Kyoto Factory
Osaka Head Quarters Kyoto Factory
Corporate name Kowa Thermo Technologies & Products Co., Ltd.
President Aguri Kawai
Initiation November   1, 1973
Formation December 23, 1977
Employee 40 
Focus Semiconductor, FPD, PV, Automotive, Package, etc.
Products * Heaters (Automotive, Package, etc.)
* Hot plates (Semiconductor, FPD, etc.)
* OEM Equipments (Semiconductor, FPD, PV)
* X-ray Equipments (Semiconductor, PV etc.)
Location Osaka
(Head Quarters & Factory)
3-7-33, Fukaekita, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 537-0001 Japan
Tel: +81 6 6972 3281    Fax: +81 6 6976 3155
(Factory & Design)
146-1 Nomura-Murahigashi, Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gunn, Kyoto
613-0023 Japan
Tel: +81 75 631 0111    Fax: +81 75 631 2277
(Sales, espcially
1-27-6, Mikawaanjohonmachi, Anjo-shi, Aichi 446-0059 Japan
Tel: +81 566 72 3781    Fax: +81 566 72 3590
Hoko Service Engineering Co., Ltd.
Location Osaka
(Head Quarters & Factory)
3-7-33, Fukaekita, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 537-0001 Japan
Tel: +81 6 6972 2200    Fax: +81 6 6976 3155
1848-3, Shimoda, Konan-shi, Shiga 520-3201 Japan
Tel: +81 748 75 0381    Fax: +81 748 75 0382
Since 1973~ Industrial heaters
Since 1973~
* Cartridge Heater
* Temperature Sensors
* Import Products
1980s to 1990~ Extended Heater Products Line-us
1980s to 1990~
* Cast-in-bake
* Etched Mica Heater
* Furnace
* Hot Plates
2000~ Break into Semiconductor & FPD market
* Wafer baking, annealing equipment
* Coater & Developer
* Atmonspheric Pressure Plasma treatment system
* Hot Plate and Cool Plate for semiconductor & FPD
* X-ray measurement Equipment
Main products
  • Industrial heaters
  • Semiconductor equipment or parts
  • Temperature sensors
  • Casting heaters
  • Microcomputer control
  • Robot control panel
  • Systems architecture production of the laborsaving automatic machine
  • Design production of various measurement equipment
  • LCD equipment or parts
  • Industrial sensors
  • Electric control equipment
  • Exact plastic products
  • Teaching of robot
  • Design production of transfer equipment
  • Industrial electric heater
  • Industrial ceramic
  • Electric control panel
  • Furnace
  • Thin film measurement system
  • Atomosphere Pressure Plasma treatment system
  • High frequency induction heating equipment
Environmental policy

Kowa, we work through the following environmental conservation activity positively.

1. We see the influence that our working gives in environment precisely, determine an environmental aim, and perform activity for environment load reduction and the environmental pollution prevention continuously.

2. We respect the laws and regulations about environment, and other requirements which we agree to, and promote the prevention of pollution.

3. We build the environmental management system that adapted to ISO14001:2015 to work on environmental conservation management.
 We manage this, evaluate it and make review, and perform continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

4. We declare not to use and manufacture material that contains regulated chemicals,
for taking care about environmental protection, like preventing from contamination, using sustainable resource, and so on.

5. We focus on the following points, to utilize limited resources effectively in working and reduce environmental load.

 (1)Saving of energy resources from our company

 (2)Saving of the forest resource

 (3)Waste reduction

6. These points mentioned above are our environmental policy.
We show these widely office and outside company and demand cooperation with understanding.

March 22, 2021
Kowa Thermo Technologies & Products Co., Ltd.
President   Aguri Kawai

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