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Plasma Treatment
Plasma Treatment
Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment System

Surface treatment technology with plasma gas

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Plasma Treatment

"Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment" is a technique used for material surface modification and
material dry cleaning which breaking down and evaporating organic, and oil contaminants on molecular level
by injecting activated plasma gas to the surface of materials.

Cleaning Removes water and contaminants which adhered to the surface of the substrates.
Descum Removes residues of organic compounds.
Activation Improves surfaceadhesion, wet and etc.
Damage free No electric damage, slight temperature rise.
Watermark free One of the advantages of dry cleaning is not to leave any trace by washing.
Maintenance free for one year Maintenance in a short term is not needed.
Various sizes Supports up to 3m in width(G10).

To improve the performance of our AP plasma treatment system, we can also provide appropriate unit system which combing with our baking unit.

Example of improvement effect by heating plasma treatment
Improvement effect

* AP Plasma figure of principle

* AP Plasma treatment mechanism

Principle & Mechanism

Injecting gas for processing (N, Ox, AR, CDA & etc.) to high frequency voltage interelectrode (plasma region) and spraying activated gas to the surface of the treating object by airflow.


By irradiating activated gas to the treating object, pollutants(organic) are decontaminated with braking down and evaporating.


* Glass surface wettability
  (water contact angle)

* Aluminum surface wettability
  (moisture tension reagent)

Plasma Treatment

* Copper surface wettability

* Plastic materials hydrophile hydrophilic rudiment formation

Plasma Treatment
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