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SEMI Equipment
SEMI Equipment
Total support of design and production from hot plate to baking equipment!

* Product introductions

* Feature


* It is a possible high temperature hot plate superior in semiconductor wafer heating temperature uniform performance for high temperature (350 °C).

* We achieved a quick response for rising and falling temperature, special incidental facilities were unnecessary, and developed the hot plate of rising and falling temperature type for semiconductor production equipment superior in plane uniformity at the time of temperature setting change.

* We design and produce the baking equipment showing the performance of these hot plates to the maximum.

Hot plate / Cool plate
Hot plate / Cool plate
  • For 6 inch wafer
  • For 8 inch wafer
  • For 8 inch wafer. Rising and falling temperature type.
  • For 12 inch wafer
    • 1 zone control
    • 3 zone control
    • 7 zone control
  • For 12 inch wafer. Rising and falling temperature type.

Hot plate unit / Cool plate unit
Hot plate unit / Cool plate unit

Temperature uniform performance of the semiconductor wafer heating is superior

* Figure of thermo viewer

* Temperature precision in plane of 12 inch wafer

Thermo viewer
Wafer processing temperature [°C] Temperature range [°C]
   60 ~ 90 R<0.2
  90.1~110 R<0.24
110.1~150 R<0.3
150.1~200 R<0.6
200.1~250 R<0.8
250.1~300 R<1.0
300.1~350 R<1.5


Rising and falling temperature type hot plate which achieved quick response

* Temperature control graph

Temperature control graph

Temperature setting change time : 180[sec] / 50[°C]

(Time before control temperature beginning to be stable at set point within ±0.3 [°C] from temperature setting change start.)

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