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K-OMX is a equipment which measures residual stress by measuring the crystal structure (interstice) inside metal with X-rays.

Simple measurement with a PC software

* By Windows-based software, operator can measure by simple mouse operation.

* It measures automatically by personal computer operation, after an operator sets a sample.

* The mapping measurement is possible and can measure arbitrary point on the sample.

* Diffraction angle correction is performed automatically, after measuring a calibration sample.

* Non-destructive and non-contact measurement.

Measurement sample

* It does not depend on the shape of a sample because a sample is set manually.

* Those samples which are complicated form (such as pin or nested structure) and indeterminate form (such as on the R curved surface) are measurable.

Measurement sample
Energy saving

* It can operate with low power consumption because the energy-saving X-ray generator is used.

* Cooling-water cost is unnecessary because the air-cooled X-ray tube is used.

Small size

* Equipment size is small at 0.35m² and installation is easy.


* Prior measurement of a mold life

* Stress measurement of casting parts

* Stress measurement after heat treatment

stress image
Item Specification
X-ray tube Packaged X-ray tube (Cooling: air)
Detector Scintillation detector
Interface Manual operation
Sample height adjustment Manual operation
Control & analysis software Development software
Equipment size 0.35m²
Electricity AC100V
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