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K-MSX is a general-purpose type device series.

Equipment to have aimed at use by research and development at time such as condition putting out in Pilot Line.

Please refer to the page of "Thin Film Measurement System" for details.

In-line system configuration

* Stage X-axis Drive, Optical-Box Gantry system YZ-axis Drive.

* Z-axis is built into optical system BOX.
The height between the optical system and the sample is adjusted at each measurement with very fast.

* The substrate is positioned by alignment device.

* The substrate is chucked with vacuum on sample stage.

* Simultaneous mesurement of a fluorescent X-ray measurement and the sheet resistance measurement are possible.

* We offer this system configuration according to the customer's demand of size.

* It is possible to correspond to computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM).

* The sample handing demand corresponds to the demand the conveyor or robots.

The Glass Transportation System

Equipment summary
* K-TRX measures metal contamination with X-rays for semiconductor wafer and the glass substrate, etc.

* The metal contamination confirmation of the semiconductor wafer before and after the process.

* The metal contamination confirmation such as particles with the glass substrate.

Equipment feature
* It is possible to analyze from a light element to a heavy element.

* The metal contamination map is got by a map function.

* It is possible to select an original option.

Measurement method

* X-rays are closely entered into the sample, and fluorescence X-rays are measured while total reflection.

Equipment specification

* We prepare X-ray source depending on each element, light element, transition element, and heavy element.

* The fluorescence X-rays detector is the latest non LN2 detector.

* Low cost.

K-OMX is a equipment which measures residual stress by measuring the crystal structure (interstice) inside metal with X-rays.

Please refer to the page of "Stress Measurement System" for details.

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